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ASTROPER is a unique place to introduce investment opportunities in private companies located in Austria, Germany & Switzerland.

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Strategic Equity Exchange

Astroper is the premier platform for discovering unique and private investment opportunities. We carefully curate and vet each company before presenting them to our discerning investors. The most compelling aspect of Astroper is that it enables you to directly engage with the owners and managers of these companies, gain firsthand insights into their operations, and conduct due diligence on their business models.

Unlike traditional investment platforms, Astroper goes beyond mere listings and introductions. We facilitate direct interactions between investors and the companies they seek to invest in. This fosters a deeper understanding of the investment opportunities and minimizes the risk associated with uninformed decisions.

Most negotiations and agreements occur offline, ensuring privacy and confidentiality for both parties. Astroper’s team of experienced lawyers handles the legal aspects of equity transfers, ensuring a smooth and compliant process.

How trustable are the opportunities?

All business opportunities go through a due diligence system, including legal company registration approval, personal interviews with both investee and investors, and financial, marketing and development assessments.

In addition, Astroper has experts to study each company in detail with predefined metrics. So, you can find our expert rating as well for each company.

Unlocking Investment Potential Through Franchising

Discover a smart investment avenue with franchising. Partner with established brands to access proven business models, training, and ongoing support. Benefit from the brand’s recognition while contributing to its growth. If you’re ready to invest wisely, consider the opportunities franchising has to offer.

Your Path to Investor Connections

Unlock your company’s equity value with Astroper. We connect you directly with investors, making fundraising and growth easier. Showcase your offerings, meet interested investors, and let us guide you through the process. Our legal team ensures smooth agreements. Astroper: Unleash your equity’s potential.

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Looking ahead

We practice our values: commitment, confidence, honesty, transparency, reliability, openness, diversity, creativity, fun, enjoyment, and purposeful actions. We explore regional specialties for trade and support producers in exporting exclusive specialties to all of the world’s relevant markets. We develop innovative concepts and look for differentiation to help all traders increase their success in the future.

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