Your Equity is valuable

Astroper is a unique platform to find an investor directly for your company. We know that private companies’ equity is a precious asset and all teams have to work hard to keep it valuable.

Development and optimization are the critical aspects that require new assets and investment. The easy way to fundraise and push the company to the next level is by selling a part of the equity or finding a “silent investor” for the company. It’s normally a hard and time-consuming task to find adequate private resources. Astroper is a platform where you can exhibit your products, services, and abilities. We introduce you to interested investors and mediate to find the possible option for you.

Most of the negotiations and agreements are offline, and the procedure will follow up by our lawyers and your country of residence if the deal is closed.

7 Steps Workflow

Investees & Investors registration
Companies assessment
Investees interview
Presentation for investors
Parties meeting
Finalizing the agreement
Notary procedures

Why is it worth registering?

Financial solutions are at the core of all that we do at Astroper. Our main goal is finding smart ways of using funds that will help you build a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere. Your company development can be funded by different sources like your own investment, bank loan, or venture capital. Astroper reduces the risk of investing your own asset or bank loan and VCs’ high management cost by connecting you directly to the interested investors.

How much does the application cost?

Registering and using the platform is totally free of charge. Astroper will charge a commission to both parties after the agreement is done and the fund transferred.

Success Stories in History

3 important questions

All companies with the possibility to sell their equity are eligible to register.

We won’t ask you for any financial statement or protected information in the first steps. Still, you shall share all detailed information with the investor and related authorities in case of agreement.

The procedure’s duration depends on many factors like your financial background, risk of investment, your pitch, and general worldwide economic situation. 

Before you register

– This is the initial step for companies’ registration. In this form, we ask you for some information about your legal registration, your marketing system, and financial data.

 – You are free to answer questions as detail as you wish. We would be able to introduce your company much better to the investors if you provide more information.

– Your information is protected, stays with us, and won’t be released to investors.

– We don’t need any financial or tax statement at this stage.

– In case of your request, the information would be deleted entirely from our data bank.

– It’s highly recommended to upload any advertising materials like video clips, photos, catalog, or other information at the last step.

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