Invest in stable countries

Astroper is the first platform to find unique and private opportunities to invest. All companies are registered, proven, and are already active in Austria, Germany, or Switzerland.

We try hard to check and approve each company individually before introducing them to you. The most interesting aspect of Astroper is that it allows you to talk with companies’ owners, and managers, and meet their location, so you have a 100% clear understanding of the situation. It’s normally a hard and time-consuming job to find adequate private opportunities. Astroper is a platform where we exhibit companies, including their products, services, and abilities. 

Most of the negotiations and agreements are offline, and the procedure will follow up by our lawyers in official authorities to transfer equities.

7 Steps Workflow

Investees & Investors registration
Companies assessment
Investees interview
Presentation for investors
Parties meeting
Finalizing the agreement
Notary procedures
Funds transfer

Why is it worth registering?

Financial solutions and opportunities are at the core of all that we do at Astroper. Our main goal is finding smart ways of using your funds that will help you build a better tomorrow for your family and you. You may invest in the stock exchange where the decisions are not made by you personally or you may buy commodities that do not make any revenue. At Astroper, send you approved companies ready to sell their equity and are located in stable and wealthy European countries. So we strongly recommend you to register now.

How much does the application cost?

Registering and using the platform is totally free of charge. Astroper will charge a commission to both parties after the agreement is done and the fund is transferred.

Success Stories in History

Mike Markkula invested $ 91,000 in Apple for 33% equity in the early days when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak wanted to perform their wonderful idea. That 33% is worth billions now.

3 important questions

There is no limitation for investors. Investment amounts and types are different. So you have opportunities to check different companies base on your interest.

We won’t ask you for any financial statement or protected information in the first steps. Still, you shall share all required information with the investee and related authorities in case of agreement. We comply with the GDPR standard to protect your ID.

When the agreement is done, our lawyers follow the procedure to transfer the equity to your name in Notary. In case of your request, we can translate and approve the documents in the embassy of your choice and send them to your address.

About Registration

– This is the initial step for investors’ registration. In this form, we ask you for some information about your contact detail and your fields of interest to invest.

 – You are free to answer questions as detail as you wish. We would be able to provide you a better result if you provide more information.

– Your information is protected, stays with us, and won’t be released to investees. 

– In case of your request, the information would be deleted entirely from our data bank.