About us

About Astroper

Astroper Enterprise, a capital investment and business development holding, has been registered in Austria since June 2014 under registration number FN415534 in Vienna. Our specialized team works exclusively to assist you in creating and identifying outstanding business opportunities in Europe. We meticulously evaluate the best investment options and prepare all necessary requirements before initiation.

Astroper connects your capabilities and investments to international markets. We also provide transaction coaching, investment consulting, and startup establishment services at an international level. Our skilled team strives to deliver high-quality services and personalized business consultation sessions to enhance marketing and product presentation.

Our marketing and branding department assists companies in increasing their sales and revenue, ultimately leading to higher equity value. Traditional marketing methods are gradually becoming less effective, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re outdated. The combination of these methods with modern options is the key to marketing success.

The professional team at Astroper, with its deep understanding of new technologies and appropriate methods, helps meet customer needs and navigate the evolving business landscape.

Our Team

Dr. Soroush Sameti

Founder and CEO

Dr. Haniyeh Noorbakhsh

CFO & Company Analyst

Dr. Morteza Sameti

Economic Consultant

David Farsani

Accountant and Tax Consultant

Mag. Alexander Henker


Dr. Adrian Schuler


Azar Poursafari

Senior Investment Manager

Negine Houshiar

International Marketing and Communications Manager

Faryal Faramand

Customer Relations Specialist in Austria

Shiva Aram

Content Production Specialist

Hossein Nikooei

Advertising Manager

Hanieh Shahrokhi

Human Resources

Afrouz Ghobadian

Content Production Specialist

Fereshteh Tabatabaei

Content Production Specialist

Mohammad Ghaderi

Content Production Specialist

Milad Hassam Dinni

International University Relations Specialist

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