Expert Buying & Selling of Company Shares

Astroper is the first platform to find unique and private investing opportunities. All companies are either pre-registered, proven, and/or active in Austria, Germany, or Switzerland. We make significant efforts to scrutinize and approve each company individually before introducing it to our clientele. What distinguishes Astroper is the direct access to the owners of the companies and senior executives, enabling visits to the field to gain a complete understanding of the context. Identifying appropriate opportunities for private investment, which includes deal sourcing, often proves to be quite a challenge and time-consuming venture. Astroper serves as a presenting platform where we expose companies to their products, services, and abilities. Most of the negotiation and agreement will be offline, where our legal team will overview the process at official authorities to smooth the way for transferring equity.

What makes Astroper the most engaging is the fact that it very directly provides an opportunity to meet with the proprietors and administration of these companies firsthand, knowing about running a business from within. Unlike the traditional site for investments, which seeks to make introductions and listings only, Astroper goes beyond to make sure there is a complete interface with the investor who intends to invest directly with the respective company. This approach gives more depth to the understanding of the investment opportunities and minimizes the risk that is associated with making uninformed decisions. Most of the negotiations and contracts are conducted under a confidentiality cover, thereby safeguarding the privacy of all the parties involved. The legalities involved in the transfer of equity are quite complex, and therefore, it requires qualified and experienced legal experts to handle them.

How safe are the opportunities? All the business projects are attentively due diligence, involving strict verification of the company’s registration according to the law, a personal interview of the investment receivers, including investors’ interviews, and careful checking of their financial, marketing, and development strategy. Astroper further uses professionals to critically assess each company with predefined metrics, which give the rating for each entity on an expert basis.

How do I know the document is authentic? Upon finalization of an agreement, our legal team proceeds with equity transfer to your names at a Notary. The translation and legalization of the documents may be done at the embassy of your choice upon request, and thereafter, they can be delivered to your address. Do you provide secure data storage? No sensitive statement or financial statement is required at the commencement of the consultation. However, it is supposed that full disclosure of the required details to the investee and relevant authorities is undertaken in case it happens. We follow GDPR standards, safeguarding your identity.